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Yasai Kakiage IDR 37,000

Mix vegetables tempura

Kani Karaage IDR 70,000

Fried soft-shell crab

Tempura Moriawase IDR 59,000

Mix of tempura: prawn, seafood & assorted vegetables

Ebi Tempura IDR 70,000

Prawn tempura

Age Gyoza IDR 32,000

Homemade fried chicken dumpling

Tebasaki Karaage IDR 45,000

Fried chicken wings

Tori Karaage IDR 43,000

Deep fried chicken

Tori Katsu IDR 43,000

Deep fried chicken with tonkatsu sauce

Beef Katsu IDR 66,000

Deep fried beef cutlet with tonkatsu sauce

Miso Shiro IDR 25,000

Miso soup
Miso soup with enoki, shimeji, mix vegetables & salmon belly

Chawan Ikura IDR 75,000

Steamed egg custard with salmon roe

Chawan Musi IDR 32,000

Steamed egg custard with chicken & mushroom

Nabe Yaki Udon IDR 54,000

Hot pot udon served with tempura ebi, mochi, chicken, kamaboko, vegetable & egg
Salmon head hot pot with vegetables

Sukiyaki IDR 90,000

Sliced beef, bean curd, vegetables & udon cooked in sweet soy based soup

Beef Teriyaki IDR 100,000

Pan fried beed with teriyaki sauce

Tori Teriyaki IDR 46,000

Pan fried chicken with teriyaki sauce

Gindara Teriyaki IDR 140,000

Grilled cod fish with teriyaki sauce
Grilled salmon with salt/teriyaki sauce