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Ongol Ongol IDR 15,000

Traditional Dessert Made From Cassave, Palm Sugar, Toss with Shredded Coconut.

Mendut IDR 15,000

Glutinous Rice Filled with Coconut Palm Sugar and Chopped Jackfruit.

Cenil IDR 15,000

Traditional Dessert Made From Sago Fluor Served with Shredded Cock and Granulated Sugar.

Tape Goreng IDR 22,000

Fried Fermented Cassava Served with Palm Sugar.

Pisang Rai IDR 22,000

Banana Wrapped in Green Pudding Served with Grated Coconut and Palm Sugar.

Pisang Goreng IDR 22,000

Fried Banana Served with Palm Sugar.

Sosis Solo IDR 22,000

Spiced Beef Egg Rolls.

Risoles IDR 22,000

Chicken Ragout Egg Rolls.

Perkedel Jagung IDR 22,000

Crispy Sweet Corn Fritters.

Pastel IDR 22,000

Pastry Filled with Chicken, Rice Vermicelli, Potato and Carrot.

Lemper IDR 22,000

Chicken-Filled Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Banana Leaves.

Kroket IDR 22,000

Potato Ragout Mixed with Minced Chicken, Carrot, and Frencg Beans.

Arem Arem Tempe IDR 22,000

Rice with Spiced Tempeh Steamed in Banana Leaves.
Crispy Sweet Corn Fritters Served with Sambal Matah or Sambal Plecing.

Batagor IDR 32,000

Crispy Dumpling and Tofu Served with Peanut Sauce.

Tahu Pong Komplit IDR 40,000

Prawn Fritters and Fried Beancurd with Prawn Paste.

Tahu Kipas IDR 50,000

Fried Stuffed Beancurd with Prawn and Vegetables.

Appetizer Sampler IDR 64,000

Assorted Fried Snacks: Tahu Kipas, Risoles, Sosis Solo, Rambak Petis.