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French Fries IDR 18,182

Jr Cheeseburger IDR 43,000

Price Net, Include Tax.

Umami Matcha Latte IDR 25,000

Sugar Level = 100% = Full Sugar, 50% = Half Sugar, 0% = No Sugar.

Caffe Mocha IDR 50,000

Espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, topped with sweetened whipped cream. Delightful.

Caffe Latte IDR 42,000

Rich, full-bodied espresso in steamed milk, lightly topped with foam. A caffè latte is simply a shot or two of bold, tasty espresso with fresh, sweet steamed milk over it.

Cappuccino IDR 42,000

Espresso with steamed milk, topped with a deep layer of foam.