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Deep Fried Bean Curd with Salt and Pepper.
Deep Fried / Steamed Bun.
Deep Fried Vegetable Spring Roll.
Deep Fried Prawn Cruller with Mayonnaise.
Chicken Cheese.
Deep Fried Spring Roll with Chicken and Mushroom.

Wan Ton Goreng IDR 25,900

Deep Fried Wan Ton.
Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin Roll with Shrimp.

Bakpao Bebek IDR 19,900

Isi Ayam dan Abon (Duckling Pao).
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Shimeji Mushroom
Shrimp and Mushroom Dumpling
Chicken Spring Roll with Oyster Sauce

Siew Mai Udang IDR 26,900

Shrimp Siew Mai

Bakpao Isi Talas IDR 19,900

Steamed Bun with Taro

Fong Zao IDR 22,900

Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce

Xiao Long Bao Ayam IDR 22,900

Chicken Xiao Long Bao
Siew Mai with Seaweed

Siew Mai IDR 24,900

Steamed Chicken and Shrimp Dumpling

Cha Siew Pau IDR 19,900

Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun.

Gao Zi IDR 22,900

Shrimp Dumpling in Sweet Vinnegar Sauce.