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Pop Corn Chicken + Pompom + Ovaltine + Toy

10 Pcs Ayam IDR 129,546


Soto Ayam Ambengan IDR 45,000

Turmeric chicken soup

Gule Kambing IDR 77,000

Red curry with chunks of lamb
Betawi beef curry
Betawi beef curry

Tongseng IDR 82,000

Tongseng lamb stew

Sop Buntut IDR 95,000

Oxtail soup

Ayam Betutu IDR 75,000

Spicy chicken cooked in a banana leaf

Sop Iga IDR 95,000

Beef Ribs Soup

Iga Penyet IDR 95,000

Fried beef ribs served with special sambal

Ayam Goreng Kremes IDR 75,000

Crispy fried chicken with coconut crunch

Gurame Goreng IDR 95,000

Deep fried gurame with sambal kecap

Gurame Pesmol IDR 115,000

Fried gurame with pesmol sauce
Grilled Minced Chicken on Lemongrass Skewers.

Sate Ayam Buntel IDR 46,000

(5 pcs) Minced chicken satay

Sate Ayam / Kulit IDR 61,000

(10 pcs) Chicken/ chicken skin satay