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Gado Gado IDR 40,000

Vegetables with Peanut Sauce and Crackers.

Sayur Lodeh IDR 42,000

Vegetables in Coconut Milk.

Rujak Cingur IDR 56,000

Assorted Steamed Vegetables, Tofu and Rice Cake Served with Cingur and Peanut Sauce.

Garang Asem Ayam IDR 40,000

Chicken Gently Boiled in Spices and Coconut Milk.

Ayam Taliwang IDR 75,000

Lombok Style Spicy Roasted Chicken Served with Water Spinach, Fried Peanuts, and Sambal Plecing.

Bebek Goreng IDR 80,000

Crispy Fried Duck Served with Steamed Vegetables Mixed in Spiced Grated Coconut and Sambal.
Fried Gourami Served Over Lombok Style Chilli Paste Made with Tomatoes and Shrimp Paste.
Fried Gourami Served Over Raw Shallot and Lemongrass Relish.

Gurame Bakar Taliwang IDR 115,000

Gourami Grilled in Lombok Style BBQ Sauce Served with Sambal and Fresh Raw Vegetables.
Grilled Gourami Marinated in Spicy Balinese Sauce Served with Sambal and Fresh Raw Vegetables.

Es Cincau IDR 25,000

Iced Black Grass Jelly with Framboise Syrup.

Es Cincau Hijau IDR 29,000

Iced Green Grass Jelly with Coconut Milk.

Es Cendol IDR 29,000

Iced Green Noodle Jelly with Palm Sugar Syrup.

Es Merah Delima IDR 31,000

Iced Red Pearl Jelly with Avocado.

Es Campur IDR 35,000

Iced Dessert of Assorted Sweet Ingredients.
Iced Red Beans with Chocolate.

Es Cendol Durian IDR 37,000

Iced Green Noodle Jelly with Durian.

Jus Jeruk Nipis IDR 27,000

Iced Lime Juice.

Jus Sirsak IDR 31,000

Iced Soursop Juice.